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Fall 2019 box



Time to make happiness a priority! Today, we face so many competing demands from the various roles we hold - mother, spouse, friend, daughter, leader, co-worker, volunteer…the list goes on. It’s hard to keep up with everything, and truly enjoy the life we have. The Happiness Journey Insight Box explores the influences which affect our own happiness, and is designed to inspire you to find more moments of joy each day.


The Happiness Journey InSight Box includes:

  • The Happiness Journey Field Guide, which was developed specifically for this box and includes relevant research and reflective activities

  • The Inspire Happiness Stationary Set, which includes a 5x7” notepad and 10 postcards to be shared or saved as inspirational art cards

  • Daily Planner Notepad for Prioritizing Moments of Joy

  • Set of Candles from the Charleston Candle Company

  • Set of Handcrafted Coasters

  • Pencils for Capturing Your Insights

    Over $80 worth of items curated And
    designed for personal growing And
    inspired living


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When I get my Insight Box, what should I do?

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When you first receive your box, start by reviewing the Welcome Guide which will provide you with some information about the box, and insight on how to get started.

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Dive right into the material! The “second stop” for your box is the Field Guide, which will provide you with research-based insight about the topic as well as reflective activities.



Each box includes additional items designed to inspire and motivate you! These items are specially curated to support the insights and can be used for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years!


Purchasing Options



3 boxes per year • $50 per box
Shipping included

Single Purchase

$55 per box
Shipping included


Founder’s Story

Why The Happiness

Five years ago, I had the opportunity to truly immerse myself in the topic of happiness, specifically the science behind it. I spent months researching happiness in preparation for a seminar I was teaching, exploring the economics, politics, and marketing of happiness, and ultimately what influences our own individual happiness.  From the first time I taught the course, I became fascinated by the subject, and in the years since, I have had the opportunity to teach the course again several times, which has profoundly impacted the lens in which I see my own happiness.  As reflected in the name of this Insight Box, happiness is a journey.  Happiness is not a destination at which we arrive at; rather our relationship with happiness is ongoing and takes our own effort to guide us on a path, maximizing moments which bring us joy.  This box was designed with you in mind. It contains specific research about the influences which impact our own happiness, as well as strategies we can integrate today to positively impact our well-being. And as with all Insight Boxes, this box includes some beautiful - and fun - items designed for inspired living!

- Dr. Karen Mitchell, Cottage Insights Founder