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How does it work?

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When you first receive your box, start by reviewing the Welcome Guide which will provide you with some information about the box, and insight on how to get started.

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Dive right into the material! The “second stop” for your box is the Field Guide, which will provide you with research-based insight about the topic as well as reflective activities.



Each box includes additional items designed to inspire and motivate you! These items are specially curated to support the insights and can be used for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years!


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3 boxes per year • $50 per box
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Single Purchase

$55 per box
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Summer 2019 box

The Mindful Mindset


Today, women face so many competing demands from the various roles we hold - mother, spouse, friend, daughter, leader, co-worker, volunteer…the list goes on. It’s hard to keep up with everything, and truly enjoy the life we have. The Mindful Mindset box focuses on how we can reduce our stress levels, gain more focus, and improve our well-being through the practice of mindfulness.


With this InSight Box, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the benefits of integrating mindfulness in your life 

  • Understand specific strategies for leading a more mindful life

  • Reflect on your own challenges with integrating mindfulness and create a personalized plan for developing your own Mindful Mindset



The Mindful Mindset InSight Box includes:

  • The Mindful Mindset Field Guide, which was developed specifically for this box and includes reflective activities

  • Six Focus Cards

  • Leather wrap bracelet designed for this box with the word, Mindful, inscribed and handcrafted by women experiencing homelessness or facing barriers

  • Weekly Mindful Commitment Planner and Tracker

  • Pencils for capturing your insight

  • Additional resources, emailed to you within a month of receiving your box, with even more insights about mindfulness


Reviews For The Mindful Mindset Box

One of my goals for 2019 is to take time to be in the present, feeling gratitude, and more mindful of the daily joys of life. I decided to try The Mindful Mindset Box to guide me in this journey. The tools in the box are not only useful but also designed beautifully. The Field Guide has helped me find a balance of mindfulness that I can use every day.
— Mary

I ordered The Mindful Mindset Box and it was like getting a present in the mail! It is packaged beautifully and everything is clearly outlined in the Field Guide. It comes with a bunch of goodies to get you on the mindful path... even a stylish leather bracelet. What I’ve been enjoying most is that I can work on a couple of pages in The Field Guide at a time, 15 - 20 minutes, and then I can spend the next few days processing the information and working towards applying it to my life.
— Diane

Founder’s Story

Why The Mindful Mindset?

I have spent the last two years studying how mindfulness can positively impact the well-being of women, and I have also identified the gaps which prevent us from engaging with mindfulness. Mindfulness has proven positive effects on well-being, including the reduction of stress levels, enhanced cognitive functioning, and the development of stronger social connections. From my research, I have learned that mindfulness can affect all aspects of our life – whether that’s our role as a spouse, parent, friend, leader, or co-worker. I am excited that mindfulness is the topic for the Spring 2019 InSight Box as I have learned that the practice is truly accessible to all and have studied first-hand the positive impact that the practice of mindfulness can have on the well-being of busy women.

- Dr. Karen Mitchell, Cottage Insights Founder